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Pinch of Nom

This week’s blog / website to follow is Pinch of Nom

This is a recipe website run by Kay Featherstone and Kate Allinson. who, after joining Slimming World started a Facebook page of their recipes. As their popularity grew they started an Instagram page and a website. They have now also published two recipe books. The first one sold 500,000 copies in just a few weeks. Their recipes are simple, healthy and give full nutritional values. You can read about their story here

I particularly like the way the website is separated into sections and includes how to put together ‘fakeaways’, a healthy home made equivalent of a takeaway. ¬†Each recipe gives advice on how you could for example make it gluten free. They give Weight Watcher’s points but unfortunately not Slimming World Syns. This is because the Slimming World company asked them to stop adding them in as they were unable to check their accuracy. It’s also perhaps because they became to commercial and successful. On top of the recipe books there’s also a meal planner book.

I follow them on Instagram, and then you get the heads up when there is a new recipe available. Or ideas of existing ones. Definitely worth giving Pinch of Nom a follow.



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