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Weight versus body measurements

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When I started trying to lose weight in November I took a whole range of body measurements. Chest, waist, widest part of tummy, hips, thigh and upper arm. This was because all of the facebook posts and blogs I was reading about intermittent fasting were telling me that this would be a better way of measuring progress than weight. And so it proves. Because, while I have lost only a few pounds in weight since I started, I have lost a lot of inches, especially around my tummy.

This article talks about the reasons why the scales lie to us. Certainly my weight fluctuates a lot day by day. I do wish I wasn’t fixated on weight, but for now I accept it. But try to take it as a guide to having a better day. The measurements I’ve done monthly.

I was boosted yesterday by discovering that I have lost 2.5 inches from my tummy since November. This New York Times article describes the current thinking around belly fat – that it can be an indicator for diabetes, heart disease and cancer. I’ve never had a small waist, but I have previously had a flatter tummy. Also my mum does have heart disease and diabetes and her mother died of heart disease too. So, I have good reasons for trying to get into the best health I can. I’m 57 and my nan had a heart attack at 60. I’d say though my diet is generally better than hers, plus I’ve never smoked. That heart attach didn’t kill her, she lived another 20 years,  but I want to be healthier into old age than she was.

So in all, since November I’ve lost 2 inches from my chest, 1 from my waist, 2.5 from my tummy and 1 from my hips. I plan to continue measuring and to try to place less emphasis on the scales. Plus all this means that I will soon be able to wear clothes currently packed away. And that is one of my key aims!

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