First weigh in of the year

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Today was my first Slimming World weigh in of 2020. Getting back to IF and reducing carbohydrates over the past few days has helped and I weighed the same as I did 2 weeks ago on 20th December.

Checking back to last year, I noted that I am half a pound heavier than the same time last year. So a key aim has to be to actually be lighter by this time next year.

Our consultant ran through the talk she gives to all new members when they join. I sat reading through the books. To be honest I rarely look at my book from one week to the next. But this time I was wondering about the value of Slimming world for me. On one level, the recipes and general guidance about what constitutes a healthy, balanced plate of food ring true. But when it comes to processed foods, even those with no Syns, I’m not so sure. For now though I’ll continue to pay my weekly subscription (usually I do this in blocks of 12 weeks, where you get 2 weeks free). For one, I love the social aspect and I really do enjoy the Image Therapy element. It is great for recipes and ideas. But, I will have to consider whether I continue.

My plan for the week is to continue the basic Slimming World plan oner the weekend and then on Monday to start a proper detox for 5 days or so. More of that in tomorrow’s post.

Basically today though I’m happy. Any over indulgence over Christmas and New Year has been cancelled out. Plus, I am actually feeling very positive about this journey going forward.

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