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Trying to get back into intermittent fasting

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Over the past two weeks I’ve found it difficult to stick to 16:8 fasting. That is fasting for 16 hours and eating during an eight hour window. The key reason has been eating and drinking (but mainly drinking) late at night. So if I don’t finish my last drink (that isn’t water) until midnight or later then I can’t eat till 4pm the next day. Plus of course with other people to socialise with there is also the issue of needing to eat earlier in the day.

In practice I don’t think I was tempted to eat breakfast before midday. Though on Christmas Day I started with sausage rolls and Prosecco at around midday. But only that day. Then on Boxing Day we ate out with my son and daughter in law at around 12.30. For 3 or 4 days I didn’t bother to set the tasting timer. I’m using an app called Zero.

Then over the days between Christmas and New Year I set the timer, but most days managed only 14 hours. Yesterday I ended my fast about 10 minutes early, I just couldn’t wait – my lunch was sitting there calling me! Today though for the first time I managed the full 16 hours. I was hungry and to be honest that is quite a good feeling. It doesn’t seem to take long to forget the feeling, but instead to over eat.

Lunch – Salmon Salad

The past couple of days I’ve been trying to cut down on the carbs. This is in preparation for a new food regime I’m going to try next week. Also because tomorrow is weigh in day.

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