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Christmas progress

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Well, I’ve not been the best at writing regularly. But with the New Year only two days away what better time to right that wrong?

The trip to Amsterdam didn’t actually destabilise my weight and after a couple of days I was pretty much back on track. So that when I weighed in on 20th December I was just a pound heavier than 2 weeks before.

The most difficult thing over Christmas has been keeping to any kind of long fast. Eating and drinking late in the evening take their toll. But the past three days I’ve been back on track. I just finished a 16.5 hour fast at lunch time and am going to try not to drink too late on 31st December. Then I’ll be having a detox and no alcohol for a few days.

Over all we haven’t over indulged over this holiday. Well, maybe we have on wine but certainly not on food. We only finished the advent calendar on Saturday and have also finished up the few other chocolates we had in the house. I had some Key Lime pie on Christmas Day and a mince pie on Boxing Day and that’s the extent of my sugar intake.

I go to Slimming World on Friday to weigh in and am hoping for a stay the same or very small gain. Then the hard work begins.

I’m undecided about whether to stick with the Slimming World group. It feels doubtful now that I will be following the plan for much longer. My reading on diet is leading me away from carbohydrates. And Slimming World essentially allows as much pasta, rice and potatoes as you want. It just doesn’t want you covering them in fat. I’m going to be testing out a lower carbohydrate diet to see if that helps with the weight loss.

So, Christmas progress is pretty much progress. No massive gain, no real binges. But the knowledge that I have to crack on with losing weight now.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


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