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If you fall off the wagon

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Just get back on.

Scales with food on top, starting with healthy vegetables, fish and fruit and moving to soda, fries and sugar.

I’ve been very remiss and not blogged here since 6th December. I also haven’t been giving this blog the time it needs to get established. Hopefully over the holiday period I’ll be able to do just that, for a proper launch on 1st Jan. I have lots of ideas for posts and also to include others, I just need some time to get organised.

Part of the issue is that I have been away for around a week – long weekend in Amsterdam followed by an overnight stay in London. So, that’s another waggon I fell off of. The once involving intermittent fasting and alcohol reduction. Somewhere along the line it all went a bit wrong. So much so, when I weighed this morning I had put on 4lb since I last weighed a week ago. Given the proximity to Christmas and extent to which bad can turn worse I’ve just ended a 20 hour fast. My longest. For the next couple of weeks I am going to try to reach 16 as often as I can, but have to accept that there will be days when it doesn’t happen. Fingers crossed the damage won’t be too bad when I get to Slimming World tomorrow.

But even if it is, I will be carrying on. Because every time you fall off the waggon you must just climb back on.

I realised yesterday that I was already feeling fat and sluggish again. But today after the longer fast, swimming and now a healthy lunch I feel much better. Intermittent Fasting really does seem right for me, but I just need to make it a better habit.

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