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Three weight losses in a row

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It’s been a while since I consistently lost weight. But, at last I have 3 losses in a row. I am also coming to the end of the third week of Intermittent Fasting and am cautiously optimistic. My total weight loss is 5lb. I also redid my measurements earlier in the week and have lost an inch from my chest, waist and tummy. Other measurements are unchanged.

This week was a one pound loss and that is despite being a little less strict about my alcohol intake, something I need to concentrate on. Food wise I’ve continued to feel full after meals and haven’t really wanted to snack. I’m a bit worried I’m not eating enough fruit. I mostly used to eat fruit for breakfast. But I have increased my vegetable intake and introduced avocados into my diet. I am also eating a few whole nuts to add protein. I would eat fruit as a dessert, but to be frank I haven’t wanted it.

So, the key finding since starting IF is that I am less hungry. Some mornings I feel I could kill for food, but once I’ve had a drink (coffee or water usually) I feel better. Which suggests that I am not as hydrated in the mornings as I could be. That, I guess takes me back to the wine the night before.

The coming weeks might not be the time to cut out / reduce down my alcohol intake too much, with Christmas approaching. But it is certainly something to focus on in the New Year. Still with weight loss like this, there doesn’t feel like a massive need right now. Nor, do I need to consider reducing my carbohydrate intake.

So, for now all is looking good. Next week we are off to Amsterdam for a few days, we’ll see how I get on there.

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