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New weekly feature – A blog to follow

Each week I’m going to feature a website or blog that I think is worthy of a follow.  I know how important it is to build a readership and to share information about those who inspire us. Even at the age of 57 I’m still learning about my body and trying to make changes to it. So, it’s good to know that others can be successful. But also that success doesn’t come easily.

My first BLOG TO FOLLOW is this one: Daveywankenoble.

Davey has been writing since early 2016, so nearly 4 years. Over the period between January 2016 and February 2016 he lost over 20 stones in weight. He also gave up alcohol, having been a very heavy drinker. As well as dieting through Slimming World he also took up walking and went from not being able to walk across a room to walking many miles a day. More recently Davey has put back some weight and was struggling with his mojo, something I can identify with. But is now working to get back to his target weight.

What I really love about this blog is that Davey tells it as it is. He writes about the wonderful things that have happened, including meeting his partner. But also the how damned difficult it can be to get healthy and stay there. The pressures of being successful at something and then being ashamed that it seems to be slipping away.

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